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Edgard de Bono (1933– ). Seis sombreros para pensar 1. Seis sombreros para pensar. Edward de Bono. New.. 80 By paul. Have to sync my iPhone with Calibre.
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![Photo optical microscopy of the HAp/ALG biocomposites.](polymers-12-00072-g001){#polymers-12-00072-f001}

![FTIR spectra of ALG, HAp and their biocomposites.](polymers-12-00072-g002){#polymers-12-00072-f002}

![TGA analysis of HAp, ALG and their biocomposites.](polymers-12-00072-g003){#polymers-12-00072-f003}

![TG curves of HAp/ALG biocomposite.](polymers-12-00072-g004){#polymers-12-00072-f004}

![XRD patterns of HAp, ALG, and HAp/ALG biocomposites (**a**) and the corresponding overlapped peak pattern (**b**).](polymers-12-00072-g005){#polymers-12-00072-f005}

![DSC curves of HAp, ALG and HAp/ALG biocomposites (**a**) and the related thermal analysis diagrams (**b**).](polymers-12-00072-g006){#polymers-12-00072-f006}

![Atomic force microscopy (AFM) (2D) (**a**), and (3D) (**b**) of HAp/ALG, respectively. Scan length 4 μm, 1 μm and 500 nm, respectively.](polymers-12-00072-g007){#polymers-12-00072-f007}

![The curve of water uptake of HAp/ALG biocomposites during different immersion time. \* Indicates a significant difference.](polymers-12-00072-g008){#polymers-12-00072-f008}

![The mechanical strength of the bi